The Captain's Table
The Captain's       Table


V    Freshly Prepared Soup of the Day served with Baked Bread                                £4.50


      Mixed Combo, Starter for 2 to Share, Battered Chicken Chunks,                          £10.95

      Breaded Mushrooms & Onion Rings, Potato Skins & Garlic Bread 

      served with a Trio of Dips & Chilli Con Carne (Vegetarian Option also available)


V   Button Mushrooms in a Creamy Stilton Sauce, topped with Breadcrumbs             £5.25


V   Potato Skins - Filled with Vegetarian Chilli (a Combination of Chunky                    £4.95

     Pulses in a Traditional Mild spiced Chilli Sauce) sprinkled with Cheese


V   Vegetable Spring Roll, A Vegetable Spring Roll, served with a Sweet                   £4.75



V   Filo Pastry Parcels filled with a Combination of Brie & Mango                                £5.25


V   Slice of Melted Goats Cheese Log served on a Crouton Base garnished              £4.75

     with Pesto & Olives


     Scallops, Pan Fried with Chorizo & Pancetta                                                          £6.25


     Calamari Rings, in a Crispy Coating, served with Garlic Mayonnaise                     £5.25


     King Prawns (not in their Shell) Pan Fried in Garlic Butter                                      £6.25

     in a Creamy Garlic & White Wine Sauce


     North Atlantic Prawns, topped with Marie Rose Sauce, accompanied                    £6.50

     By Smoked Salmon & Served with Malted Brown Bread & Butter


     Salmon & Dill  Fishcake, served with a Lemon Mayonnaise                                   £5.00


     Freshly Steamed Mussels in a Creamed Garlic, Parsley, Onion &                          £6.95

     White Wine Reduction, served with Bread    


     Smooth Chicken Liver Pate served with Hot Toast & Onion Chutney                      £4.95


     Diced Mushrooms & Pancetta tossed with Penne Pasta in a Creamy Sauce          £4.75

     ( Pancetta may be replaced with Asparagus for  Vegetarian Alternative)


     Breaded Chicken Goujons served with either a BBQ or Sweet Chilli Dip                £5.25


     Minced Lamb Kofta Kebab served with Flat Bread & Minted Yoghurt                      £4.75        




                                                          Side Orders


    Freshly Baked Bread with Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar                                          £2.25

    Marinated Mixed Olives                                                                                            £2.00

    Garlic Bread                                                                                                             £3.00

    Garlic Bread topped with Cheese                                                                            £3.50

    Garlic Bread topped with Tomato                                                                             £3.25

    Chips                                                                                                                       £2.50

    Mixed Salad                                                                                                             £2.25

    Battered Onion Rings                                                                                              £2.50













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The Captain`s Table


Church Street


LL42 1EW

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