Chocolate dream -                                                                               £6.75

a combination of chocolate, vanilla & chocolate chip ice cream topped with chocolate sauce & whipped cream


Strawberry dream -                                                                              £6.75

vanilla & strawberry ice cream topped with fresh strawberries, strawberry sauce & whipped cream


Banoffee pancake -                                                                               £5.50

a sweet pancake filled with salted caramel ice cream garnished with bananas, cream, toffe sauce & toffee pieces


Bakewell slice -                                                                                  £5.50

a pastry base with a layer of fruit jam, almond infused sponge & topped with white icing


Meringue nest -                                                                                  £5.50

a meringue nest filled with began white chocolate ice cream & toped with morello cheer fondue (GF)


Lemon meringue pie -                                                                           £5.25

a traditional shortcrust pastry topped with a layer of lemon filling & peaked meringue


Apple pie -                                                                                       £6.00

homemade lattice apple pie served hot or cold with cream, ice cream or custard

(Gluten free option-caramel apple pie)


Ice cream -                                                                                       £4.25

3 scoops of ice cream(please ask for our varieties)


Mango or Raspberry sorbet                                                                      £4.25


Children novelty ice creams                                                                     £3.75


Daim bar cake -                                                                                  £5.00

a crunchy biscuit base blended with butter cream & topped with a layer of almond infused caramel finished with milk chocolate (GF)


Traditional chocolate brownie -                                                                  £5.50

warm chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream, cream, chocolate sauce & finished off with a chocolate flake


Belgian waffle -                                                                                  £6.25

a belgian sugar waffle served hot topped with vanilla ice, cream & smothered toffee or chocolate  


Cheesecake of the day -                                                                      £5.50

a traditional biscuit based set cheesecake topped with flavour of the day 

(Gluten free option-cherry)


Hot pudding of the day -                                                                        £6.75

your waiter/ess will tell you todays choices served with your preference of cream, ice cream or

custard (Gluten free options available - please ask)


Cheeseboard -                                                                                    £7.75

brie, cheddar, stilton & goats cheese served with grapes, quince jam & a selection of biscuits

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